Adaptability Is My Middle Name

It always surprises people, given my exercise requirements, that I'm happy in the city as well as the country. But then my ancestors were confined to Portuguese ships. so they learned to make do in between hauling nets of fish and carrying messages from ship to ship.

In any case, I'm back in the neighborhood, and this means meeting up with old and new buddies, enjoying a little culture at the local art fair, and sampling some culinary delights.

No complaints!




Your House is My House, Right?

Or did I get that expression backwards?! Allow me to play dumb a minute if you will.

Everyone was so busy celebrating Memorial Day Weekend that I decided to sneak away from the barbecue and cool myself down with a refreshing plunge in the pool.

My getaway was short-lived as she was right on my tail, but we were both relieved that the hosts were unfazed by my behavior. Now that's what I call making your guests feel right at home!