Been There, Done That

So ever since Thunder traveled across the pond, I’ve been following the Times Online, and they just ran a feature called: “Behind the wheel: Seatbelts for pets.” The headline is self-explanatory and the article (a fun read) goes on to talk about how your pet can become a projectile inside a car. The article refers to “Carrying Pets Safely,” a new leaflet from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, along with the Department for Transport, which cites that “in an emergency stop at 30mph, a 50lb border collie would be flung forwards “with a force equivalent to almost nine 12-stone men.” 

So, to this I have to say, language gap notwithstanding: “Been there, done that.”  Tried out the seatbelt long ago.
And if you’ll permit me a shout-out to the author’s Portuguese Water Dog Henry (unfortunately not pictured online), I too am a fan of sticking my nose outside the window as you can clearly see.


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