Trouble in Paradise

Thunder still guest-blogging here.  Alas, my efforts to eat my way through M's toys were thwarted last night, but not before I investigated the orangutan's insides. You can see me hiding my mug from the camera, and I blend in nicely with the dark carpet!


Then today, they left us to our own devices for a few hours.  What nerve! We raised a racket and then we grabbed the Eli's bag from the high kitchen counter, puncturing a hole to get to the prized challah bread.  It was so delicious, we each ate a loaf. At least they were "mini's." We are no worse for wear but they had to make other plans for lunch! 

See my buddy M here, weighing the options: the usual fare or the delicious bread. No contest!


P.S. Here's my orangutan when it had seen better days!

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