Look Before You Leap

I was issued my first citation for 5 lousy minutes of freedom outside…on a hill, not bothering anybody.  Guess next time I’ll think twice before sleeping in. It sure cost me.


2 thoughts on “Look Before You Leap

  1. Pixie says:

    Well, at least you get to go to the park.
    I’m stuck in suburbia leaping around deer poop, worrying about ticks all day long. But, at least I have my buddy Clyde with me all day long. He’s not too bright, but he’s a true companion, and the best friend any porty could ask for.
    if you want to see our pics, tell me how to post!!!

  2. Howdy Pixie,
    Thanks for writing.
    I’d love to see your pics if you can post them. If they exist online, just create a comment on my blog and where it says URL (the open field), paste in the URL of the photo you want me to see.
    Good luck with those deer ticks…that’s a bear!

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