My Very First Sleepover

I was anxious yesterday morning, because I saw my bed, toys and food leave the apartment without me! I figured there was a greater plan…but I had to wait for hours for it to be revealed.

Well, a day later, I’m happy to report the following:

– The lodging was more to my liking (I’m moving up in the world…from the far East of the city to 5th Avenue!)

– The accomodations were divine (he let me sleep on the bed with him and my whippet buddy!)

– Dining was on par (my preferred brands were available)

– Amenities were included (frequent messages were sent to her throughout my stay reporting on my health and well-being)

– The fitness program was top-tier (did I say whippet?! Plus, this morning we rose at daybreak.)

– The entertainment was excellent (TV selections included at least five or six installments of the very funny BBC series from the late seventies/early eighties, “To the Manor Born” which had us in hysterics before we degenerated into a heap of snores, and then the French Open the next day.)

I’d rate it 6 milkbones!

I’m definitely up for a repeat visit if they’ll have me.


2 thoughts on “My Very First Sleepover

  1. Joan Chakonas says:

    You are a very lucky privileged dog! My friends lived in dumpy holes and dirty barns and crummy little dog houses without tv. Lucky you.

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