“Lazy Sunday”

This morning, I tore around the fields in Central Park. I was channeling my inner greyhound.

It was a huge exertion of effort and now I’m all tuckered out.


2 thoughts on ““Lazy Sunday”

  1. Debbie R says:

    First, please allow me to apologize for assuming you were not a boy. It is just rare to meet a fellow who is so nattily attired. It is a pleasure, however, to find that some fellows still remain who know how to fix their hair with style.
    Now, on to the real comments. I wanted to compliment you on the tolerance and patience that you bestow on the humans who surround you. Your nobility shines out in the forgiving look you bestowed on your disappointing Sugar Daddy and the insouciance with which you waved your newly groomed tail. I would not ordinarily use such grandiose words when speaking with a canine, but I can sense that you are a fellow of uncanny intelligence and refined sensibility.
    I look forward to meeting you.
    Your humble servant,
    Debbie R.

  2. You are such an adorable dog. Being the type of dog lover who responds well to tall, swarthy and handsome ones, I will say it simply: you have a new fan.

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